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Legislation regarding the safety and approval of microwave ovens used in a commercial environment.

In recognition of the potential dangers posed by the use of a domestic ovens in a commercial environment. a European safety standard has been issued - IEC60335-2-90 (Fifth edition) for the first time providing specific requirements for the manufacturing of commercial microwave ovens, ensuring that commercial units are built to withstand the higher operating temperatures generated whilst cooking meals for more than the occasional use intended for a domestic unit.


Legislation regarding testing of microwave ovens used in a commercial environment

The Health and safety at work act clearly states that equipment used by busineses must be suitable for the purpose, and be maintained in a safe and working condition. In addition to annual electrical safety testing (PAT) microwave ovens must also be tested for leakage of microwave energy and performance, it is also wise at this time to carry out further safety checks 


1. RF Emission check (Microwave leakage test)
2. Power output test
3. Check Tightness of door hinges
4. Check condition of both inner and outer door barriers
5. Check condition and operation of door catches and safety interlock system
6. Check operation and condition of microwave distribution system and stirrer cover
7. Check operation of cavity illumination lamp
8. Visually check wiring loom and secure all High Voltage connections
9. Clean, check and where necessary lubricate all blower motors
10. Visually check / clean cavity fire sensors and overheat protections
11. Clean and check air intake filters and exhaust ducts.

Upon completion of tests provide a certificate of safety showing compliance to
Bs5175(1976)sections 32.1.1 - 32.1.2 - 32.1.3 & 32.2. Microwave leakage, and place a
label on the side of the machine showing when the next test is due.


Amman Catering Equipment is registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of Hazardous  Waste in Refrigeration CFC gases

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